• Reliability drives motor drive selection in smoke extraction fan application

    Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Emak Fan Industries Inc. has chosen a modular, dedicated motor and drive solution from Emerson for its latest smoke extraction fan project. Switching from another supplier, Emak’s selection of a modular Powerdrive F300 from Control Techniques and a dedicated smoke extraction motor from Leroy-Somer (both Emerson Industrial Automation companies), was based on “reliable and robust” product design attributes and fast delivery performance.


    Established in 1968, Emak manufactures mainly smoke extraction fans for metro railways systems, road tunnels, underground car parks , any other location where the accumulation of smoke or fumes could pose a risk to health and also manufactures various types of industrial fans including exproof type and marine type fans.

    The business was tasked by the Ministry of Transport in Turkey with creating a system to service the newly created Ankara ,Tandogan - Kecioren M4 Metro Line, a 9,220 metre long stretch consisting of nine separate stations.

    After a full evaluation of the leading technologies, Emak selected FLSHT motors from Leroy-Somer, which are designed specifically for smoke extractor fans, and Powerdrive F300 drives from Control Techniques, which are engineered for fan, pump and compressor applications.

    “We found the Emerson products to be reliable and robust, which is essential for this application,” says Mrs Kübra Öner, Project Assistant at Emak. “In addition, Emerson was able to provide fast, solution-based service and support to meet the short lead-time demands of our project.”


    Powerdrive F300 high power, modular AC drives have been developed to control all AC induction motors and sensor-less permanent magnet motors on the market, serving applications from 1.1 kW to 2.8 MW. Designed to deliver optimum energy efficiency, flexible functionality and ease-of-use, the inherent modularity of the drives is preferred by EMAK to a single large drive as it brings advantages with regard to maintenance. Modular design also makes stocking spare parts easier and more cost effective.

    Benefiting from a very specific design, the FLSHT smoke extraction induction motors operating with the F300 drive are dual purpose for ventilation or extraction under standard conditions (for instance -20°C … +40°C), and in case of fire. Due to their customised windings, reinforced insulation, special bearings, lubricants, paints and finishes suitable for the harshest conditions of use, these motors can cope with high temperatures up to 400°C during two hours. The FLSHT smoke extraction motors are also certified by a notified body (EFECTIS) according to EN 12101-3 standard after rigorous fire testing procedures.

    “The F300 will also bring functional benefits because it’s a dedicated fan application drive,” says Mrs Öner. “For instance, the on-board Fire Mode is a significant feature for us as it allows ‘run-to-failure’ in the event of a fire. The smoke extraction process is a critical application, so we need motor drive operation we could count on during a fire event. We are very happy about using a motor and drive combination from the same company as it provides the optimum performance.”

    Emak also selected 72 SI Ethernet modules from Control Techniques. The SI modules promote flexibility for communication alternatives between PLC and SCADA systems to the drives. SI-Ethernet supports real-time Ethernet (IEEE 1588 V2 Precision Time Protocol), HTTP, SMTP, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP. The modules can be used to provide high speed drive access, global connectivity and integration with IT network technologies.

    Looking to the future, the success of the project for 72 smoke extraction fans, will see Emak use Emerson again.

    “Our partnership with Emerson will continue on future projects,” concludes Mrs Öner. “Emerson Industrial Automation is a global organisation which means we will have support for our products in any part of the world, without delay. Although it was product reliability and fast delivery performance that motivated us to choose Emerson for this project, their technical support and service at a local level is also highly valued.”

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