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  • New PROTEGO In-Line Deflagration Flame Arrester for biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas

    The PROTEGO® FA-G-IIA1-P2.2 in-line deflagration flame arrester was specially developed for bio-, sewage- and landfillgas applications. The compact design of the PROTEGO® FA-G makes it the state of the art technology for installation in pipes with diameters of 1” up to 2”. The devices are installed with minimal distance to the burner to prevent flashback in to the fuel feed lines.

    Special Features and Advantages

    • state of the art design for bio-, sewage- and landfill gas applications
    • modular design
    • the individual FLAMEFILTER® can be quickly removed and installed
    • threaded connection for direct mounting into pipeline
    • bidirectional flame transmission proof design
    • provides protection against deflagrations and endurance burning under atmospheric conditions for explosion group IIA1- methane
    • cost efficient spare parts

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