• Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

    Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

                           142 m2 VPLF
    Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter (VPLF) are industrial scale filtration devices that are often used in scenarios where high flow rates are required. These are typically vertical in orientation, The design typically consists of vertical cylindrical shell, housing number of vertically mounted filter leaves, fitted on common manifold.

    Each filter leaf is made of 3 or 5 layers of stainless meshes. The slurry is pumped under pressure in to the vessel. As the liquid passes through the wire mesh, the solids particles are trapped, while the filtered liquid called the filtrate, passes through into collection outlet (Manifold). The cake after filtration can be dried by passing steam or air or nitrogen. Dried cake is dislodged from bottom through a butterfly valve by a pneumatic vibrator attached to filter leaves. Slurry discharge of filtered solids is also possible through sluicing arrangements.

    The versatile design and efficient operation of Sharplex vertical pressure leaf filters make them a popular choice for many different types of Industrial filtration process.

    Installation of 142 m2 VPLF’S in one of the Refinery

    Installation of 3 X 50 Sq. M Sharplex - VPLF at Edible Oil Refinery.
    For filtration of liquids with suspended solid contents upto 7%. No filter cloth requirement. Automatic dislodging of filtered cake by pneumatic vibrator or oscillating sluice header. Dry or wet cake discharge is possible. Filtration area upto 120m2.


    • Resins
    • Bleaching earth / activated carbon
    • Crude oil
    • Ni-catalyst
    • Brine Filtration
    • Glucose
    • Fatty acid
    • Winterisation
    • Electrolyte
    • Beverage Industry

    Material of Construction
    C.S, SS, SS904L, Titanium, Hastelloy, Monel, PolyPropylene / Teflon Coated.

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