• Game-Changing compressed air solution from ELGi to the fore

    Game-Changing compressed air solution from ELGi to the fore

    Ensures reliable and efficient production, reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance costs.

    ELGi, Compressed Air Solution, ELGi Equipments Limited, Steven Coombs, Area Sales Manager, Mark Gowing, Service & Aftermarket Manager – UK and Ireland, OSBIC, EG-Series compressor, Compressors and Pipework Systems (CAPS)

    ELGi Compressors Europe, a subsidiary of ELGi Equipments Limited, one of the world’s leading air compressor manufacturers, has provided a turnkey solution to a global brake pad manufacturer based in Hartlepool, United Kingdom. ELGi, together with its authorised channel partner, Compressors and Pipework Systems (CAPS), replaced the existing compressed air system resulting in improved operational efficiency, reduced site air pressure by 0.5 bar and an approximate 3.5% decrease in energy consumption. 

    "At ELGi, our definition of ‘Always Better’ is closely coupled with our vision: Always be the choice everywhere. We pride ourselves on addressing our customer's needs with comprehensive and tailor-made compressed air solutions,” said Steven Coombs, Area Sales Manager. “Partnering with CAPS in this game-changing installation helped us provide our customer with the lowest life cycle cost through reduced maintenance requirements and energy savings.”

    “Our efficient air compressors and air dryers are accompanied by best-in-class     warranty eliminating unexpected repair costs due to breakdowns,” said Mark Gowing, Service & Aftermarket Manager – UK and Ireland. "At ELGi, we reaffirm our commitment to reliability by providing customers with robust warranty agreements and, in this case, the maintenance team will benefit from a   service plan covering all associated service work on the compressed air system.”

    The robust design of the EG-Series compressor range enables operations at extreme temperatures – from cold to hot and from dry to extremely humid conditions, leading overall to higher reliability of the compressed air system across Europe. ELGi's high-efficiency air ends are equipped with in-house developed η-V profile rotors, with the 4/5 lobe combination, designed to run at low rotor speeds. This unique design reduces pressure losses, and together with the OSBIC (oil separation by impact and centrifugal action), 3-stage separation provides best-in-class oil contamination reduction (<1ppm) and excellent energy efficiency.


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