You are aware that the Indian EPC and Process Plant & Machinery Industry is now become globally competitive in the new business environment in India. It has exported its systems, equipment & services to almost every part of the globe, but more particularly to Middle East, South East Asia & Africa. It is now exporting to developed countries in North America & Europe.

    The internationally renowned consultants in the process industries are increasingly using the Indian process plant manufacturers' expertise in engineering and manufacturing for outsourcing since they are in the continuous process of creating and updating global vendor databases for the purpose of expanding their low cost structure purchase options. Many of these world leaders with know-how in the process industries subcontract their engineering and design jobs to India and outsource equipment from India for projects abroad.

    In order to focus the Indian Process Plant & Machinery sector, PPE in its OCT-DEC'21 edition will bring out a Special issue on EPC – Process Plant & Machinery.

    This issue, thus offers an excellent opportunity to all those who are engaged in EPC, Fabricators of Process Equipment, Manufacturers of Pumps & Valves, Motors, Compressors, Pipe & Fittings, Process Control & Automation, Water and Waste Treatment plants, Air Pollution Control equipment, Energy Conservation Equipments, Material Handling, Insulation, Machine Tools etc.

    We, therefore, invite you to participate in this issue by placing a suitable advertisement. It is needless to emphasize that your advertisement message will get wide exposure and more mileage amongst the decision makers in the Process Industries.

    A Special Discount of 10% offered if the advertisement space is confirmedonorbefore NOV.30,2021.

    In case you need more information, please do not hesitate to contactmeatksk_shanvik@yahoo.com OR shanvik@yahoo.com

    The issue will focus current News & New projects, articles,

    Products- Processes & Services.

    This issue offers an Excellent Opportunity to convey your Sales Message to the Indian Industrial gamut

    – by placing a suitable Advertisement.

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