January – March 1986, Issue

  • 1. Retrospective Overview of 28 years
    By Dr. Nat Parekh, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, ICB Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2. Materials Handling
    By T. R. Ardhanari, Director Operations, ICB Pvt. Ltd.
  • 3. LPG recovery – Gas Processing
    Courtesy : Randall – Combustion Engineering, U. S. A.
  • 4. Membrane Bonded Electrode ( M & E ) Technologies in Chlor-Alkali Industry.
    By Antonio Nidola, Oronzio De Nora, Italy.
  • 5. Membrane Electrolysers for Chlor-Alkali Production.
    Courtesy by Oronzio Denora , Italy
  • 6. The UTI experience
    Revamping urea plants for increased efficiency and production By Ivo Marrovic, Urea technologies inc., U. S. A.
  • 7. Selective reduction of nitrogen oxide
    Development of a commercial catalyst for nitric Acid plant tail gas treatment Courtesy: by Espindesa, Spain
  • 8. Revamping and expansion of existing nitrogenous plants
    By Duleep Singh, Chairman & Managing Director , RCF
  • 9. Special Stainless Steels for the Process Industry
    By Per H. Wihelmsson, AB Sandvik Steel, Sandviken, Sweden
  • 10. The New High water soluble nitrophosphate process
    By M. A. Tanke, Stamicarbon bv , The Netherlands
  • 11. Energy Efficient Small Ammonia Plant
    By Reimer Rehder and Philip Stead, Linde A. G. , West Germany
  • 12. STAG Combined-Cycle Plants in Power Generation Planning Analysis
    By Bjorn M. Kaupang, General Electric Co., U.S. A.

July – Sept. 1986, Issue

  • 1. Pollution Control Measures At Madras Refineries Limited
    By P. C. D. George Samuel, Sr. Manager, Madras Refineries Ltd.
  • 2. Instant Germ Free Drinking Water; A Powerful Disinfectant From Ion Exchange (I) Limited
    By Dr. Roshan P. Ghaswalla and Dr. Vijay S. Kamat, Ion Exchange (India) Ltd.
  • 3. Disposal of Distillery Waste Through Incineration- An Indian Experience
    By Sudheer S. Basargekar, Executive ( Process Design), Thermax Pvt. Ltd.
  • 4. Developments in Pollution Abatement
    By Mr. H. S. Bawa, Executive President, Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited
  • 5. Control Of Industrial Air Pollution
    By R. K. Garg, Chairman & Managing, Director, Indian Rare Earths Ltd.
  • 6. Recent Trends in Particulate Control Technology For Air Pollution
    By Aloke Mookherjea, Managing Director, Flakt India Ltd.
  • 7. Pulsed Energization of Electrostatic Precipitators
    By Billy Ekstrom, Chief Engineer & Technical Manager, Flakt India Ltd.,
  • 8. DMCC through the Ages
    By Mrs. Heena B. Kamate, Gen Manager ( PR/ADM), D. M. C. C.
  • 9. From Concept to Commissioning – A Search For Excellence.
    By B. K. Kamat, Director, DMCC
  • 10. DMCC’s Contribution to a Cleaner Environment Through Chemistry
    By N. G. Ashar, General Manager ( I.P. & E.E.D., DMCC.)
  • 11. Modernisation of Superphosphate Plant – At DMC Ambernath
    By G. C. Shetti. Dy. General Manager (W) DMCC
  • 12. Maintenance Vital Function In Chemical Industry
    By C.R. Malviya, S. C. Patil, DMCC
  • 13. Reverse Osmosis / Ultrafiltration Process, Principles and Applications
    By Ken Alweyn, Terence, Alweyn and Michael Gomez of Alweyn Pumps & Systems Pvt. Ltd. Bombay

April – June 1986, Issue

  • 1. The Oil Sector – Performance and Perspectives
    By Dr. A. K. Malhotra , Ex—Member ( Offshore), Oil & Natural Gas Commission
  • 2. Drilling Technology – Past Present and Future
    By L. L. Bhandari , Member ( Drilling), ONGC, Dehra Dun.
  • 3. Problems and Prospects of Krishna- Godavari Basin
    By S. N. Talukdar, Member ( Exploration), Oil & Natural Gas Commission, Dehra Dun 248195
  • 4. Case Study Of Co-generation Plant At O.N.G.C., Uran
    By Mr. Y. Shrinagesh, Asstt. Ex. Engineer (INSTT.)
  • 5. Synchronisation with grid Power & Protection system
    By A. K. DEB, Asst. Executive Engineer (Elect), LPG-CSU/CO GEN.PLANT.ONGC.
  • 6. Co-generation and its effectiveness
    By R. B. Singh, C. Bandyopadhyay ONGC. LPG/CSU Plant Uran
  • 7. Power Supply Position in Gujarat
    By H. R. Patankar , Chairman of Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd. (GACL), Baroda.
  • 8. Non- Conventional Energy And its Use/ Possibility in Tripura
    By Shri S. P. Gon Chaudhuri, Electrical Engineer
  • 9. Power in Sikkim – Retrospect and Prospect
    By Vijay Kumar Addl. Chief Engineer, Power Department, Gangtok(Sikkim)
  • 10. Filtration of Oilfield Fluids Using Membrane Filter Cartridges
    By Richard J. N. Brewer-Pall Well technology Limited

Oct – Dec. 1986, Issue

  • 1. Ammonia Technology for the 90ies – the Optimal Combination of High Reliability, Low Energy and Low Cost.
    By T. Glasmacher, General Manager, UHDE GmbH, Dortmund, West Germany.
  • 2. Production of Concentrated Phosphoric Acid Without Evaporation
    By J. D. Crerar, General Manager, Norsk Hydro Licensing, Levington, UK
  • 3. Space Planning in Compressor House of Fertilier Factories
    By S. S. Wadhwa, M. S. Kalra & L. K. Srivastava, Scientists, Central Building research Institute ROORKEE
  • 4. Low Temperature Shift Catalysts
    By W. D. MroB. C. Witte, M. J. Sprague, K. H. Grundler, BASF AG D-6700 Ludwighshafen, West Germany
  • 5. Economics of Co-generation in Indian Chemical Process Industry
    By G. V. Desai, Chief Engg., & V. M. Patel, Sr.Mech.Engg. Dalal Consultants and Enginers Pvt. Ltd.
  • 6. Proposed Cogeneration Scheme At Hindustan Antibiotics Limited.
    By A. S. Datar, Asst. Manager (Projects), Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd., Pune
  • 7. Excellence Through Integration and Diversification At GSFC
    By H. I. Desai, General Superintendent, GSFC Limited
  • 8. Maintenance Management – A Key to Higher Productivity
    By S. K. Grover, General Manager , GSFC
  • 9. Pollution Management at GSFC
    By V. Charandas, Executive Director, Gujarat State Fertilizers Co. Ltd.
  • 10. Management Information Systems – A Step Forward at GSFC.
    By C. N. Mehta , Gen. Manager, Materials Management Group GSFC
  • 11. R & D – The Base for Technology Development and Diversification
    By M. H. Mehta Dy. Dir ( R&D) . V. A. Sanghani, Executive Director , GSFC
  • 12. Some Potentialities of “ Biofertilizer” with regard to Cereal Crops
    By J. P. Executive Director ( Marketing), Dr. H. U. Joshi, Chief (Agricultural Research), GSFC.
  • 13. GSFC’s Contribution to Growth of Engineering Plastics
    By J. P. Shah , Executive Dir. ( Mktg.) . V. S. Munge, Chief – Market Development ( Indl. Prod.) GSFC
  • 14. Improvements in Capacity Utilisation of Ammonia / Urea Plants - Through Better Quality of Cooling Water
    By M V. Shah, General Supdt. (Fert.), M. C. Shah, Plant Manager ( Tech.Cell)

January – March 1985, Issue

  • 1. Improving Productivity and cost reduction in Fertilizer Industry.
    By Duleep Singh, Chairman FAI and Chairman & Managing Director RCF..
  • 2. Problems & Prospects of Improving Productivity of Coal-Based Ammonia Plants.
    By P. L. Kukreja, Managing Director, The Fertilizer Corporation of India Ltd, New Delhi. )
  • 3. Strategies for improving fertilizer use Efficiency and stimulating Fertilizer Consumption in India.
    By Joseph Kurien , Chairman & Managing Director, Madras Fertiliser Ltd., Madras & Vice-Chairman, Fertiliser Association of India.
  • 4. Role of FAI in Manpower Development in Fertiliser Industry.
    By Gopal Sohbti , Chief Executive, The Fertiliser Association of India, New Delhi.
  • 5. Controls for STAG Combined-Cycle Plants
    By W. G. Carberg, H. G. Chu, J. C. McMullan, C. V. H. Shepard, General Electric Co. U. S. A.

Oct-Dec. 1985, Issue
Special Supplement: Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd.

  • 1. The Extent and Rate of Capacity Increase in Process Plants.
    By D. J. Brehnam and G. K. Stephens
  • 2. Application of Gas Turbines in the Process Industry
    By Robert L. Van Housen and Thomas C. Heard., General Electric Co. U.S.A.
  • 3. A word about PDIL
    By PPE Editorial Department
  • 4. Growth of Fertilizer Industry in India
    By P. A. Bhaskara Rao, PDIL
  • 5. Fertilizer Production – Choice of technology for Future
    By A. K. Bhaduri , Chief Engineer , Planning , PDIL
  • 6. Gas – Based Fertilizer Projects – And PDIL
    By T. R. Chandra General Manager (Commercial) PDIL
  • 7. Computer in Project Management at PDIL
    By V. C. Rai – PDIL, Sindri
  • 8. PDIL’s Capabilities in Environmental Engineering.
    By Dr. V. K. Seth, Projects & development India Ltd.
  • 9. Cooling Water Treatment for Scale , Corrosion and Sludge Control
    By Mahendra R. Patel, Technical Director, Ashok Impex Gujarat private Ltd.

April- June / July-Sept. 1985 , Issue
Special Supplement: Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd.

  • 1. Public Sector Achievements of Sixth Plan & Challenges in Seventh Plan
    By H. Krishnamurthy, Chairman & Managing Director, HOC Ltd.
  • 2. Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited - A Nucleus for Industrial Growth.
    By Dr. P. V. Arur , Chief Tech. Services Manager, HOCL.
  • 3. Phenol Project at Cochin - A milestone in HOC
    By V. H. Chudamani , Chief Projects Manager, HOCL.
  • 4. Fedo’s Role In Phenol Project
    By ( V. Ganesan, Chief Project Manager – FEDO)
  • 5. Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene - A Joint Sector Project , at Medak
    By N. S. Gambhir, Chief Projects Manager, HOCL
  • 6. Plant Maintenance in Chemical Industry - A Review
    By Y. R. Karandikar, General Manager (Production & Engg.), HOCL
  • 7. Waste Water Treatment and Pollution Control - At Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd., Rasayani
    By Dr. P. V. Arur Chief Tech., Services Manager, HOCL
  • 8. Research & Development Activities
    At Hindustan organic Chemicals Ltd., By Dr. M. Sriram, Chief R & D Manager, HOCL
  • 9. Potential of Solar Energy in Chemicals Industry HOC’s Experience
    By R. M. Shende, Dy. Manager (Projects), HOCL
  • 10. HOC’s Contribution To Space Research
    By K. S. Parameswaran, Manager (Projects) HOCL
  • 11. Business Financing - A Review
    By K. Doraiswamy, Chief Finance Manager (Projects), HOCL
  • 12. Marketing Operations of Hoc Products
    By Dr. B. G. Khare General Manager (Commercial) HOCL
  • 13. Financial Highlights of HOC
    By V. K. Aundhe, Chief Finance Manager & Secretary, HOCL
  • 14. A Thermal Performance monitor for Large Steam Turbines
    By T. P. Connolly, H. S. Shafer and K. B. Welles II, General Electric Company, U. S. A.

April - June 1983, Issue

  • 1. Gas Based Fertilizers Plants in Sixth Five Year Plan
    By Mr. V. G. Nadkar - Dy. General Manager, Thal Projects , RCF Mumbai.
  • 2. Thal Project – Harbinger of a New Era
    By Mr. S. N. Jain - General Project Manager ( RCF - Thal Project)
  • 3. Topsoe Technology in India
    By Mr. J. D. Jakobsen, Author is associated with Haldor Topsoe A/s. Denmark
  • 4. Technology And Process – Thal Ammonia Plant
    By Mr. M. M. Shastri, Author is associated with RCF - Thal Project
  • 5. Procurement For Project – Magnitude, Organisation and Role of Consultants
    By Mr. J. N. Jani - Materials Manager, (RCF- Thal Project)
  • 6. Planning and Monitoring of The Project
    By Mr. Prem Prakash, Author is associated with RCF-Thal Project.
  • 7. Financial Management And Control
    By Mr. C. P. Devasia, Author is associated with RCF-Thal Project.
  • 8. To Breathe Or Not To Breathe?
    By Dr. (Mrs) Pushpa Mulik - Chief Medical Officer , RCF - Thal Project.
  • 9. Is Pollution Control A Problem To RCF?
    By Mr. M. R. K. Menon, Author is associated with RCF-Thal Project.
  • 10.Steam And Power Generation Plant For Thal Fertilizer Project
    By Mr. B. G. Zarbade – Senior Project Engineer of DCPL Bombay Office
  • 11. Water Treatment Plant For Thal Project
    By Mr. K.D. Dudwadkar, Author is associated with Tulsi Fine Chemical Industries Private Limited.
  • 12.Steam Turbines As Prime Movers in Thal Ammonia Plant
    By Mr. G. V. Rami Reddy, Author is associated with BHEL, Hyderabad.

July - Sept. 1983, Issue
Special issue on – Water and Effluent Treatment

  • 1. Econmic Prevention Consideration in Water Pollution Control
    By N. G. Ashar , G. M. (IPEE Division), Dharamsi Morarjee Chemicals Co. Ltd., Ambernath
  • 2. Water Pollution Control Technology – Present State of Art
    By Shri R. Natarajan , Divisional Manager , Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd.
  • 3. Heat Recovery From Dye House Effluent
    By Mr. P. B. Nayar , President and Chief Executive , S.I.T.E.Ltd. and Mr. Subba Rao is associated with S.I.E.T. Ltd., in Thermal Division of Plate Heat Exchangers.
  • 4. Algae & Slime Control with Chlorine and Non-oxidizing Biocides
    By Satish Bhadri , Envirochem Systems.
  • 5. Some Aspects of Water Treatment Project Execution
    By K. D. Dudwadkar , Thermax Pvt. Ltd.
  • 6. Exchange Resins
    By R. V. Krishnan , Thermax Pvt. Ltd.
  • 7. Package Plants for Treatment of Water
    By R. V. Krishnan , Thermax Pvt. Ltd. .
  • 8. Waste Waster filtration
    By R. M. Pande

Oct- Dec. 1983, Issue

  • 9. Execution Of DAP / NPK Plants in India
    By J. S. Vasani and S. T. Attari , Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Limited.
  • 10. Fertilizer Production and Productivity
    By D. S. Vernekar, Deputy General Manager, Rashtriya Chemicals & fertilizers Ltd., Bombay
  • 11. Project Management and Management Systems.
    By J. D. Jakobsen, Project Manager , Haldor Tosoe A/S. Denmark.
  • 12. The Scope and Role of Industrial Development Bank of India In the development of Merchant Banking in the Country.
    By Mr. W. K. Mangaonkar, Dy. General Manager